Frequently asked questions

How do I book a tour?
To join us on a tour, simply choose your experience on our "Book a tour" page. Then, get yourself some tickets through the link (it will take you to our ticketing page, and you just need to choose your departure date, and follow the payment instructions). Tickets will be sent directly to your email and you will not need to print off your tickets.
How do I redeem my gift voucher?
It is simple to redeem your gift voucher. You will find a unique redemption code on your gift voucher (Letters and numbers of 7 digits. eg: RDP9BZW)
How often to hikers attend on their own? Are solo hikers welcome?
EVERYBODY is welcome on our experiences, and over 60% of our guests are solo hikers! You will not be alone for long once you mingle with our incredible crew, so take the leap of faith into your trail adventures with us! We will introduce you to some of our other solo hikers along the way, too!
I have my ticket! Now what?
Once you have your ticket, you will be sent an email with your digital confirmation. You do not need to print your tickets out as we like the trees too much to waste them on printing. Keep an eye out in your inbox the week of the event with any information you may need, and get ready to hike!
Will the hike be cancelled if it is raining?
“There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing”. Please dress to the weather. Tours will only be cancelled should the Bureau of Meteorology on the day of the tour or activity, declare a ‘Severe Weather Warning’ including both storm and fire danger, for same day. The tour or activity will not proceed if The Hike Collective decide that the weather makes the tour or activity unsafe. This is at the absolute discretion of The Hike Collective. If a tour is cancelled due to inclement weather, then guests will be re-booked to the new scheduled date, or issued a full refund. Guests are also urged to be sun smart. Please do not underestimate the heat of the Perth sun.
How fit do I need to be to join The Hike Collective hikes?
We have such a variety of hikes on offer, that you can join us at any fitness level. Check out our guide on understanding the grades to make sure you choose a hike that suits where you are at right now. You can also search based on your fitness level ( beginner, intermediate, advanced) or the distance you want to hike. If you are unsure, send us an email and we can help you pick the right one!
Can I bring my dog?
We love puppies and seeing them at our hikes, however many of our hikes enter national parks where dogs are strictly prohibited. Check each individual event description for details to see if dogs are allowed. Two great dog friendly trails to keep an eye out for are Bells Rapids in Swan Valley, and Jorgenson Park in Kalamunda.
Can I bring my children?
Some of our hikes are specifically designed for the kiddies and entire family to enjoy. You will find this information on the booking page, and our facebook event page. Other hikes are designed for more pace and include much more difficult trails, such as our endurance hikes. If your child is a regular hiker, and has some experience, and you would like to come along on a more challenging hike with them, please email us and we can help you with an individual assessment.
Can I book a private hike?
Yes! We love working with businesses, families, and companies to create a tailored hike experience to meet your needs. Whether it be for birthday parties or office team training, please email us for a chat about your options! We also offer a few private guided tours on our "book a tour" page at some of the best spots in WA.
I can't attend a hike, but I have tickets. Can I get a refund?
Please read our cancellation and refund policy here. We offer refunds for tickets cancelled 7 days prior to the tour, and 50% refund if tickets are cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the tour. Please email us if you would like to transfer your ticket to another tour. Overnight hike tours have a different refund policy so please check this with us directly.
How safe are the hikes?
Our team are first aid trained and carry CB radio communication devices for your safety. The entire team is also trained in snake sighting and emergencies, so rest assured they will look after you in every circumstance. Your safety on our tours is our concern, but your responsibility. Please stick to the designated walk trails to stay safe and take note of your guides requests at all times.
What happens if the tour has to be cancelled due to COVID-19 border closures or restrictions?
In the instance of a tour being postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, guests will receive a 100% store credit to use on future tours. This applies to all bookings made from 30th October 2020.
How many guides will there be on each tour?
Hikes with The Hike Collective typically have two Trail guides. Some of our more advanced tours may have three guides and some of the smaller group tours may have only one.
How many guests are there likely to be on the tour?
Group sizes on our tours vary, but generally you can expect somewhere between 5 and 15 guests.
What are we doing to protect the environment?
The Hike Collective has as a core principle, protection for the environment. This is reflected in our leave no trace policy where we strive to ensure minimal impact on the trails we hike. But our impact is not limited to physical impacts on the trails. We are aware that our guides and guests must travel to our trail experience and this results in greenhouse gas emissions. We encourage our guests to minimise this impact by car pooling but travel to our experiences is unavoidable. The Hike Collective has undertaken an assessment of the Scope one and Scope Two greenhouse gas emissions associated with our business, This includes the emissions from guides traveling to each trail experience and the emissions related to operating our office. In addition we have estimated the emissions from our guests attending our experiences. To offset the impact of our operations, the Hike Collective donates one dollar from every trail experience ticket to GreenFleet Australia. GreenFleet use these donations to undertake reforestation of native forests throughout Australia. These projects have multiple benefits from improving biodiversity, management of soil erosion and a reduction of dry land salinity. GreenFleet certify the level of greenhouse gases they estimate will be offset over the life of these reforestation projects. Based on this this information we believe these donations will more than offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our business.
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