In a world we are unfamiliar with, and as our days merge together through the drastic changes we have been immersed into, it can be easy to unknowingly isolate ourselves from even the basic of human necessities.

Connecting with nature can help us now more than ever through small and subtle acts of conscious decision making. While we are isolating at home through this craziness right now, we want to give you some quick tips on how to find connection in nature through the isolated world of today.


Let nature in

Open your blinds, doors and windows.  Smell the fresh morning air, or feel the chill in the breeze. Fresh oxygen can help reinvigorate our bodies and give us an instant ‘wake-me-up’ feeling in the morning.


Spend time outdoors observing 

Just sitting on your verandah, balcony, or backyard and taking time to observe what’s around you. Whether it is 2 minutes while you have your morning coffee, or while your toddler runs around like a crazy person getting out some of that pent up energy. ( Can you tell this may be just a little realistic for us right now?) You will start to notice things that you have never seen before, and the gratitude for small things in life will start emerging. It’s a wonderful thing!


Move your body outdoors

Especially now, while gyms are closed, we urge you to look outside when possible for some daily exercise. Getting out there is great for your mental health, and physical health. Discover a new trail at a nearby National Park, walk along the sand on the beach, or even take a stroll around your neighbourhood streets and look at the gardens of your neighbours.


Stargaze for fun! 

It’s humbling to be reminded that our lives here on Earth are a part of an enormous picture formed by millions of worlds that we can hardly even begin to dream of. We may not be off on our usual Easter camping trips right now, but pitch the tent in the back yard, and count stars with your family.


Go and see water

The sounds of water are soothing, not to mention that water is the fundamental basis of all life on earth. Sitting on the beach or next to a waterfall can be so relaxing.


Drive through the countryside

Ok, this one may not be really doable just yet, but keep it in your back pocket for when the regional travel restrictions have been lifted. ( It WILL happen, and when it does, you will be ready to get out there and explore!) Roll down your windows, stop by a field, walk on the gravel. It is like an instant reset.


Start a garden

Even if it is an indoor herb garden, having plants and nature in your home boots oxygen, helps clean the air, and provides beautiful things to look at. Now is the perfect time to start a green hobby, and this can give you a sense of accomplishment, and a spark of passion in your life. Plant some seeds now, and see how big they get by the time things get back to the new normal! 


*This article has been written during the COVID-19 crisis in April 2020. While the world is feeling hurt, pain and heartbreak, we want to remind our community that we are here, and will do whatever we can to provide outlets for you to find movement, nature, and connection on this journey we are all on together. Stay Safe. See you soon!