The first step on the journey to hiking can sound more daunting than it needs to be. Here are our top tips to getting started on your very own hiking journey.

Get Good Footwear

If you are interested in seeing what the hiking buzz is all about before you run out and by expensive gear, then all you need is a pair of sneakers for any low grade/beginner friendly hikes.

Looking to step it up? Hiking in WA can mean you will see a lot of pea gravel. You know those tiny red pebble like rocks? They are slippery, and super nasty if you are heading down a hill. To prevent rolling ankles, and landing on your bum, we recommend a pair of entry level hiking shoes. You can pick them up for the same price as a pair of running shoes, and they are often on sale in stores like Kathmandu. They are designed for slippery surfaces, and have more grip on their soles than normal sports shoes, providing you the extra support you will need.

Know Your Limits

Heading out for a 15km trail by yourself is not the best idea if you aren’t familiar with our trails, and if you don’t know your limits. We recommend starting small and growing in length and difficulty as you get more comfortable and familiar with the trails. There are so many trails under 5km that can still pack a punch, so give these a go first. We love Lesmurdie falls, Bells rapids, and Bold Park.

Don’t Go It Alone

The bush can be brutal. We think hiking in a group is the best way to do it, and you can be sure that you have support, and someone to chat to on your adventures. If you prefer hiking alone, make sure you let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back.

Take Lots Of Water

This might sound pretty obvious but taking enough water is crucial. Our hot summers can throw you more than you may think, and heat stroke and sunburn can hit fast. We recommend 2 litres for every hour of hiking in summer. Sun protection is also super important, so pack suncream, and a hat.

Think you are ready to give hiking a go? Join us and see some of the best trails with a friendly and organised group!