We all know the typical rules for summer hiking; avoid the heat of the day, drink lots of water, cover-up, choose easier trails etc etc, but today, we bring you our trail guide top secrets and lesser-known inclusions for hiking in summer, so you really can enjoy nature in the heat of summer. These are our secret tips that our team uses to keep cool when hiking. 

1.  Cool bands – Perfect for keeping you cool as either a neck scarf, wrist scarf, or headband, they are filled with crystal polymer, which absorbs moister, and are activated in water to keep you cool. You can get these at Kathmandu 

2. Electrolytes – Sodium, Chloride, and Potassium play a very active role in the rehydration of cells by controlling the extracellular and intracellular fluid balance. By replacing these electrolytes that are lost in sweat and the digestive tract, we can better maintain fluid in the body and hydrate more efficiently. This means we can play longer,  focus better, stress less, and skip those dehydration headaches 🤯 

3. Synthetic tops –  It might seem counter-intuitive to wear synthetics in the heat, but materials like nylon and polyester are light, loose and breathable. Nylon and polyester is also durable and dries fast — essential when you’re sweating uphill. Next level? UFD shirts: Most clothing will help block the sun from your skin, but UV rays have been known to penetrate some fabrics. Make sure you’re fully protected with clothing that offers UPF 15, UPF 30 or UPF 50+ sun protection.

4. Freezing your bladder or water bottle – Add the next level of summer luxe by freezing 1/2 full bladder or water bottle the night before your hike. Then, just fill it up with water before hitting the trails for an icy cold treat! Not only will it serve as a refreshing beverage along the trail, but if you put it in the right spot in your backpack, it will also be a cooler pack for your back! 

5. Spare clothes – Just like when you come back from a rainy day hike, drenched from the rain, nothing beats getting changed into dry clean clothes post-hike.  The same goes in the heat. Having a cool dry change of clothes will feel celebratory and make the drive home a little less… sticky. 

Now you have our insider tips, it’s time to get out and hike!