Summer hiking… Not for the faint hearted, but why must we call hiking a seasonal activity when you can have some of the most incredible hiking experiences in the middle of summer?

We hear it all the time. ” It is too hot to hike in Summer in Perth”.  Well we are here to debunk this and remind you why we are so blessed to have the conditions we do here in Perth, and how to embrace them over the warmer months.

Myth 1: It is too hot to hike in summer in Perth.  

Ok, let me start by stating the obvious.  If you go hiking in the middle of the day, with a top of 40+ degrees, YES… it is too hot and you will likely suffer some serious heatstroke! But let me just have your attention for one moment, and explain why this isn’t enough to skip the summer day hike. 

Have you ever been out on the trail at 6 am, with not another soul in sight, the sound of the morning birds, and the crisp fresh air? It is definitely something you have to plan for (just as you would a big night or a trip down south!) It is an experience! It takes a little extra determination, but with everything that takes a little extra effort, the rewards are worth it. We recommend giving an early morning hike a go. Not only do you miss the heat of the day, and the traffic (on the roads and the trail!) but you also miss the flies.  #worthit.  An average early morning temp of 22 degrees would be arguably the perfect temperature for a trail adventure, and the added bonuses mentioned above make it a no-brainer! Just think about the length of trail you are looking at exploring, and limit it to 2-3 hours to get back before the heat kicks in. Not keen on an early morning? Then catch a sunset and hit the trails in the late afternoon once the heat of the day is behind you. Just make sure you get back to the car before dark and plan your trail properly. 

Our personal favourites for an early morning  or late arvo in summer are: 
Bells Rapids 
Mundaring Weir to South Ledge 
– Heirisson Island 
Bold Park 

Myth 2:  The flies are terrible in Summer. 

Again, let me start by admitting, that YES if you hike in the middle of the day, the flies are somewhat disastrous for a summer’s day hike. We get around that with two simple rules. We recommend you follow; 
1. Prepare with repellant and fly nets. They are cheap and super effective.  Flys be gone! 
2. Go early in the morning (again!) or later in the afternoon and you may just miss them altogether! 
The flies, unlike the early bird, are not interested in the worm, so they tend to sleep in and head out with the heat. So beat the heat, be the flies. Problem solved. 

Myth 3: Fire is a real danger.

True… If you are hiking in the middle of the bush. This is normally what you would think when thinking of hiking. But how about a coastal, urban, or island hike?  We rate the following for a low fire-risk trail adventure in the heat of summer. These trails provide easy access, lower risk of bush fire;
Rottnest Island Lakes & Bays
Trigg Bush and Beach
Kings Park highlights
Bonus: Many of the above start or end by the ocean, so you can have a cold dip in the big blue to celebrate your efforts. 

** It is vital that you check for fires before heading out on the trails in summer and any time of year. This can be checked on the DPAW website. 

There is no time like the present to get out and enjoy the fantastic trails of Perth. Now you can do so safely through summer! 

Myth 2:  The flies are terrible in Summer.